Out Here in the Fields

(a review of Premium Rush (2012))

Bad stuff: For every movie this point forward which uses the song “Baba O’Riley,” I am going to murder someone.

Good stuff: Stop judging movies by their premises. I really don’t have much to say about this one, just that there was a significant amount of dumping on Premium Rush when it came out because “It’s a movie about bike messengers. Also I’m a tasteless, presumptive lepton.” But, it’s a really good movie, about bike messengers or whatever. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was amazing, Michael Shannon was amazing, and the plot was as fast-paced as possible to accommodate the lifestyles of the primary characters. An absolutely brilliant start to my day. I couldn’t have been happier, especially with the smug satisfaction of people being wrong in their assumptions yet again. Not that I am as of yet convincing very many people of my film critiques. Maybe I need to fight to prove I’m right.


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